musicMusic is an integral part of Bhutanese life. Music plays a leading role in transmitting social and religious values. Traditional Bhutanese music includes folk songs and religious hymns. Bhutan’s traditional music is distinct from modern popular rigsar. Bhutanese in the past composed songs and dances to observe important rituals, to socialise, and to praise spiritual masters and traditions. They are meditative in nature and are mostly popular among older folks. The traditional songs are also used to express and transmit knowledge, experiences and values, the country’s character, beliefs, way of life, and spiritual traditions. Bhutanese folk songs mostly dwell on nature, religion, harmonious coexistence, and the beauty and delights of life. Today, a wide variety of music is available in the country, including English, Hindi, Nepali and Tibetan. Bhutan’s modern songs – rigsar – are mostly dominated by western musical instrument and they dwell on romance and passing feelings of youthful encounters.