Jomolhari Loop

layaThis is short, but very popular trekking route. The trek starts at 2,500 m and takes us to almost 5,000 m. This trek also provides spectacular views of landscapes, exotic plants and animals. The highlight of this trek is the awe-inspiring view of Mt. Jomolhari from Jomolhari base camp in Jangothang.

Day 1

Gunyitsawa Village to Sharna Zampa

Time: 40 mins

Trail: 80 m descent

Campsite altitude: 2,850 m

The Royal Bhutan Army at Gunyitsawa checks our trek permit and endorses it. The trek begins here.

Day 2

Sharna Zampa to Thangthangkha (this is a day-long trek)

Time: 7-8 hrs

Distance: 22 km

Trail: 770 m ascent, 10 m descent

Campsite altitude: 3,610 m
Day 3
Thangthangkha to Jangothang

Time: 5-6 hrs

Distance 19 km

Trail: 480 m ascent

Campsite altitude: 4,080 m

If we arrive early, we will be able to see Mt. Jomolhari. Otherwise, we will have to wait until the next morning. From here, the trek continues upward the Pacchu river valley.
Day 4

Halt at Jangothang

Today, our halt at Jangothang provides plenty of time for splendid views of lakes and snow-capped mountains, including Jomolhari, and Jichudrake. If we are lucky, we may spot the blue sheep towards the upper slopes.
Day 5
Jangothang to Soe Yaksa
Time: 6-7 hrs

Distance: 16 km

Trail: 810 m ascent, 1,090 m descent

Campsite altitude: 3,800 m

Today we reach the highest point of the trek at Bhonte La Pass at 4,890 m. We cross the last settlement in the valley to Pacchu River. The trail then passes though Tshophu Lake at 4,380 m and climbs up sharply Bhonte La Pass.
Day 6
Soe Yaksa to Thombu Shong

Time: 4-5 hrs

Distance: 11 km

Trail: 720 m ascent, 340 m descent

Campsite altitude: 4,180 m

After climbing for over 100 m, the trail descends to a stream. After crossing Takhung La Pass at 4,520 m, we descend to Thombu Shong campsite next to three yak herders’ huts.
Day 7
Thombu Shong to Gunyitsawa Village

Time: 4-5 hrs

Distance: 13 km

Trail: 200 m ascent, 1,650 m descent

Campsite altitude: 2,850m

The trek ends after crossing Thombu La Pass and descending to Gunyitsawa