Trashigang Festival

Duration:  16 daystrashigang

Entry: Guwahati, Assam, India

Exit: Paro, Bhutan

Venue:Trashigang Dzong

Tour Summary

Trashigang is Bhutan’s most populated district and the eastern heartland. Here, annually sometime in November or December, in the courtyard of the 17th century monastery-fortress, a festival is held that attracts thousands of Buddhist devotees and spectators from all over the region. What is unique about this festival is that it provides a deep cultural insight into a dozen ethnicities who dwell in the region. We get to see the Brokpa nomads of Merak and Sakteng, the Dakpa tribe from Chaling and and Shongphu villages, the Tshangla people who inhabit the nearby valleys, the Kurtoep migrants, and the later settlers from Kheng.

This tour also combines with visits to many other places of Bhutan including local customs and culture, flora and fauna, and spectacular scenes of mountains and valleys. The entry from the state of Assam which reveals the life in the Indian plains is yet another treat.