Gomphu Kora Tsechu

Venue: Gomphu Kora  groundsgomkora2

Total Duration: 12 days

Other places:Western, Central and Eastern Bhutan.

Entry: Paro

Exit:Guwahati, Assam, India



It is a festival with a difference, which in the past served as an avenue where people chose their spouses, the first meeting occurring during the evening circumambulations. Though this practice has dwindled, it is still alive.

One of eastern Bhutan’s most popular Tsechus, it is held in Gomkora, where Guru Padma Sambhava meditated to tame a demon.

The name of the temple is thus, “Gomphu Kora” – “Gom” meaning meditation; “Phu” cave and “Kora” circumambulation.